Paper Notes

Built with: Node | Express | TypeScript | React | PostgreSQL | Paper.css

See the front-end code, see the back-end code, see the result.

This project uses Node and Express to create an API that is connected to two PostgreSQL tables, one for notes and another for users. There is also an authentication system created with bcryptjs and JSON Web Tokens. The front-end is built in React with TypeScript and uses the Paper.css library for styling. Paper.css came out a few years ago when I was just starting to learn JavaScript. I liked it so much, but I didn't have a project to use it on. When I was assigned this project, Paper.css was the first thing that came to mind.

Why build this project?

I think this project shows that I have the skills required for higher level full stack work. I can solve problems with user models, databases, APIs, and building responsive React components. This project was the culmination of ten weeks spent learning about Building Web APIs, using databases for data persistence, Authentication, Single Page Applications, React Router, and the React Lifecycle. Now that I've learned these skills, I'm excited to apply them to different languages and frameworks.